Yoga Pants has evolved into daily fashion wear Brains behind yoga pants, In 1997, Chip Wilson a resident of British Columbia had some back problems. She was advised by her doctor to get enrolled in some gym. But what fascinated her at the gym was not the yoga poses but the girls in yoga pants.

The pants which are very similar to your second skin are so versatile. For her performing yoga was one of the most difficult parts of her day. And when you can perform yoga with such ease in these very flexible yoga pants then the pants sounded like a MUST HAVE for her. Next year she opened a yoga designed fashion business with its first store in Vancouver. The brand was Lululemon and the rest we know is history.

Girls in Yoga Pants : Hot Yoga Pants : Leggings Outfit
Girls in yoga pants

Why Yoga Pants?

1. Yoga Pants for Athleisure

Yoga pants are the latest trends in fashion circles. Athleisure is the name of the trend where you can stay comfortable in gym clothes and wear them anywhere without actually sweating out of them. Yoga leggings are seen almost everywhere. And you will see women while grocery shopping, taking the child for a walk, going on coffee dates, attending colleges and even brunching are rocking this legging outfit.

2. Yoga Pants for Fashion Wear

And this is not a casual trend. You will find hot girls in yoga pants running all throughout New York and the fashion capital Paris. And why not?

Yoga pants have emerged as the ultimate fashion wear and there are many good reasons. Let’s check out wy girls love yoga pants/

Why Girls Loves Yoga Pants?

1. Hot Yoga Pants:

Let’s admit this. Yoga pants are hot. Women actually look really hot wearing those yoga pants. The material of these yoga pants gives a sculpted look to your feet. Your legs look toned and the butt appears much more rounded in these yoga pants. Men find hot girls in yoga pants really attractive.

2. Easy Wear:

Yoga Pants are made up of expandable material and thus they get easily expand as per your shape and requirement. This stretchable material is perfect to be worn all day long. You can actually do anything in them, be it indoors or outdoors.

3. Comfortable:

One of the golden rules of style is a comfort. You need to be extremely comfortable with what you are wearing. Yoga pants are another word of comfort. Girls have shared that when they wear yoga pants, they feel like they are actually not wearing anything. Image the level of comfort.

4. Widely available:

Yoga pants are widely available these days. And you can them under different price brackets and buy them from different locations as well. You can buy them from your favorite online store as well. And even your regular departmental store will also have these yoga pants.

5. Versatility:

Yoga pants are one of the most versatile outfits. They are available today in almost all the colors and you can get these yoga leggings in any finish and fitting possible on earth. Of course, the original yoga pants are the ones that will fit you like a glove but of course, with time such yoga pants are also seen in the market which are the loose morning joggers type.

What Yoga Pants Says about you?

As it is rightly said, whatever you wear speaks volumes about your personality. In a similar way wearing yoga leggings on a regular basis gives a good insight into who you actually are.
Keep reading ahead –

1. Sign of Confidence:

Undoubtedly, hot yoga pants are known to raise eyebrows. They are considered to be a major head-turner when worn on the road. Thus, females if you don’t mind hundreds of eyes watching you, then you can definitely go for them. And of course, yoga leggings instill confidence and an aura of being comfortable in your skin. Yoga pants are all about staying comfortable and when you are wearing those next to your skinny pants then you are a damn confident lady.

2. Comfortable:

As already said, yoga pants are the symbol of ultimate comfort. So, when you are comfortable in those yoga pants, then you send a signal to men and anyone outside that you are very comfortable in your own skin. Also, men get a feeling that you are fearless, anxious and ready to take on new challenges on your own. And this will further ignite a spark among the men and attract you towards themselves.

3. The shape:

Let’s admit that you can get the best shape of your body especially your legs through these hot yoga pants only. Yoga pants highlight your legs especially your butt area in a phenomenal way. They bring the perfect roundness in your hips and your perfectly toned legs appear just wow. No men would be able to resist the temptation of hot girls in yoga pants.

4. Readiness:

Girls wearing yoga leggings send an impression that they are always ready to work and they are extremely mobile as well. The pants have a look of eagerness on them and thus when you wear these yoga pants then there is a feeling that you are ready to do all types of work and also you are a hardworking girl. Men love women who are hardworking and they are ready to do any work. Men really love women who like to sweat and then earn for themselves. Thus, yoga pants are such a versatile everyday wear clothing. Girls in yoga leggings have a big booty and they are ready to take up any challenge which is given to them.

You will be amazed to realize that by wearing a simple yoga pant, people can understand so many things about you. This will help you to deal with the real-life scenario and it will help you to understand men much better. This will help you to stay prepared also accordingly in front of your date because by now you know what is his liking. So, instead of wearing those LBDs, how about wearing yoga pants to your date night. Sounds funny but doable right?

Yoga Pants as a Regular Wear:

Now, is the time to incorporate yoga pants into your regular wear clothes. I am not kidding seriously. Yoga pants are definitely an ultimate fashion symbol and you can immediately jazz them up and we will tell you that how.

But what we are going to tell you here is how to make yoga pants into your regular wear. Have a closer look at the points given below –

1. Seasonal Trends – yes, yoga pants also need to go with your seasonal trends. Earlier yoga pants were only available in grey and black. But nowadays you will find yoga pants in almost all colors and finishes. So, how to wear them as per the season. Well, in summers try to go for yoga pants which are the floral ones or the printed ones. In winters, go for dark-colored yoga pants. You can also try the metallic look yoga pants in winters.

2. Function & Fashion – Of course, yoga pants are fashionable but when you need to wear them every day, then need to be functional as well. So, keep looking for yoga pants that are both resistant to the weather and you can easily wear them through wear and tear. Also, they need to be fashionable as well. But always try to invest in something which is sustainable. So, buy those yoga pants which are sustainable, fashionable and perfect to be worn on an everyday basis.

3. Mobility – Of course go for such yoga pants which are mobile. Double-check the fabric and quality. A good quality yoga legging will definitely cost you but this will also bring the best out of you. So, invest in those pieces only where you are assured that you will be able to even jump and sleep with them. Yes, yoga pants can be your nightwear as well.

4. Pairing – In order to wear yoga pants for women, you should master the art of correct pairing. And this not only involves the yoga pants but also your top and shoes to go with. Remember to buy a comfy spacious and airy tee that goes quite well with your yoga leggings. Not only they look fashionable but they are perfect to be worn all day long. And not to forget to finish up your regular look with those comfy running shoes. This combination will make you jump and even sleep.

5. Hiding – In case you are the one who is not comfortable with all bare look of yoga pants, then we have got the deal for you. Why not invest in loose oversized shirts. They are long and will hide your wrong fats and also act as a stylish cover-up. They are perfect to be worn on an everyday basis at your home and not to forget they give you the benefit of stretch and mobility at the same time.
So, what are you waiting for? On the basis of all the above points, yoga pants are perfect to be worn on an everyday basis. They are good to go and then you can pair them and get ready to be busy in your daily chores.

Yoga Pants: Style statement
Yoga pants are a perfect style statement as well. When you see the entire Paris running in these yoga pants, then they are definitely fashionable.
So, here let us help you out in how to look fashionable with those hot yoga pants for women.

1. Accessorize them – Yes, this is the ultimate trick to revamp any cloth from street style to runway look. Sport the right accessories and use them to glam up your yoga pants. This way you can make the regular yoga look fashionable within minutes and with minimal efforts.

2. Pair them well – Wear a fashionable top over your regular yoga pants. This is perfect for a date night, dinner or even brunch outings.

3. Bag them – Keep a fashionable bag handy. This will again glam up your outfit and you will be ready to roll in minutes.

4. Makeup On – You must have heard that give the girl a correct set of lipstick and she will be ready to rock the world. Yes, this is the case with yoga pants as well. Give the girl a correct set of makeup and you can rock yoga pants like a pro.

5. Layer them up – How about layering your yoga pants with those fur coats or long overlays. Stylish right?

Yoga Pants: What to look into them
Before filling your closet with yoga points, you must check some boxes –
1. Sizing – The right size of the pants is extremely important when it comes to yoga pants. Yoga pants should be extremely comfortable and they should not be too tight on your skin.

2. Length – Again length of the yoga pant is equally important. Don’t forget to check if you are comfortable in ankle-length or the knee-length ones.

3. Brand – It is always better to go with the branded ones. They are of good material and assure you that you can use them for a longer time.

4. Material – The material of yoga pants should be breathable and then only you will able to survive your entire day in those yoga pants.

5. Colour – This is very important as yoga pants are available in varied colors and you must choose the color as per your requirement and choice.

6. Purpose – Last but not least is the purpose. You must keep in mind that for what purpose will you be wearing these hot yoga pants.

That was all from our side. Let us know what you think before buying yoga pants and what are your favorite brands for yoga pants. We would love to know more about these hot yoga pants in the comments down below.